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The InMoment XI Platform utilizes the Customer Experience Cloud (CX), Employee Experience Cloud (EX), and Market Experience Cloud (MX) to bring together intelligence about your organization, its products, your market, and your competitors. The CX Cloud, EX Cloud, and MX Cloud can be used individually or in combination to understand the moments that matter and prioritize actions to transform experiences and deliver the highest business value. Each cloud analyses data from any source using the power of the XI Platform, providing actionable intelligence through alerts and notifications, reports, dashboards, coaching, recommendations, and more.

Scalable cloud-based systems

Unification of digital and voice touchpoints

Real-time and predictive customer service analytics

Gestión del feedback del empleado

Gestión de comentarios

Análisis de sentimientos

Análisis predictivo

Recopilación de datos multicanal

Análisis de comportamientos

Integración de datos


check_circle    Scalable cloud-based systems
check_circle    Unification of digital and voice touchpoints
check_circle    Real-time and predictive customer service analytics
check_circle    Gestión del feedback del empleado
check_circle    Gestión de comentarios
check_circle    Análisis de sentimientos
check_circle    Análisis predictivo
check_circle    Recopilación de datos multicanal
check_circle    Análisis de comportamientos
check_circle    Integración de datos


Con todos los CRM estándar (incluído Salesforce) y sistemas operacionales vía API

Sectores en los que está integrado:

directions_car    Automotive
business    B2B
account_balance    Financial Services
comment    Insurance
local_hospital    Healthcare
local_grocery_store    Retail
settings_input_antenna    Telecom
local_airport    Travel
home    Hospitality

Sectores en los que está integrado:



Financial Services







“Chasing survey scores and lagging indicators is not our idea of a modern approach to improving experiences. Instead, we partner with InMoment to identify key moments that matter in our customers’ journey’s and drive change in those areas. This approach gives our executives better metrics to run the business and elevates our results.”

FOOT LOCKER – Tyler Saxety, Director Customer Experience

“InMoment are our primary global partner for customer satisfaction measurement and insight. Their best-in-class technology is a critical component of our Customer Experience programme for store managers and their teams, and a vital tool for our central insight teams. Our success with InMoment comes from the strength of our relationship. They are part of our team”

TESCO – Dan Portus, Insight to Action Programme Manager